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As a world-renowned surgeon, patients from across the globe have found Dr. Stuart Super's surgical skills, patient care, and state-of-the-art techniques to be well worth the trip.

Long Distance Virtual Consultations
We understand that it is often inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive for patients to fly to our office for a consultation then fly back again a few weeks later for surgery. We have specialized experience in working with patients outside the New York City Metro area.

Here's how it works:

1)  Make Contact
The first step is to call or e-mail. Fill out our quick Virtual Consultation form on the right side to coordinate a time for you and Dr. Super to communicate.

2)  Send Your Photos
All long distance patients should provide clear, recent close-up photos. Photos should clearly show your area of concern and can be sent regular mail or e-mailed to Dr. Super at:

3)  Obtain an Assessment
Dr. Super will assess if you are a good candidate for procedures that you are interested in. You will then be contacted to discuss pre-operative care, costs, recovery, local accommodations and any questions related to your procedure(s).

4)  Schedule Your Procedure
Once you have decided to proceed, d
ecide on your time frame for surgery and book a date in Dr. Super’s surgical schedule. When making your plans, keep in mind that Dr. Super recommends out-of-town patients plan on staying in New York for up to 4 weeks after surgery, and you must have a responsible adult with you.

At this time, you should also schedule a pre-operative consultation, ideally for two weeks prior to your surgery.  If this is not possible we may be able to arrange your pre-operative consultation for one or two days before your surgery. You will receive a surgery packet in advance of your surgery with instructions about the necessary pre-surgical testing required.  Contact our office if you have any questions.

5)  Fly in for Surgery
Nearby Airports include Newark, LaGuardia and JFK International Airports. We are located approximately 20 minutes from all 3 airports.

You MUST arrive one to two days prior to your surgery date. At a designated time during this period you will meet with Dr. Super and have an in depth consultation discussing all procedures. At this time you will sign your surgery consents (if necessary) – in the presence of your patient care coordinator.

6)  Concierge Service
For those patients who need special attention, particularly if they are coming from abroad, we are affiliated with a Concierge Service which can make all the necessary arrangements for both travel and stay in New York.  We would be happy to coordinate this for you if you are interested.

7)  Recovery
We advise all patients that fly-in for surgery to spend at least the first night at an after-care facility, thus ensuring any required medical attention necessary. In the days that follow we will see you post-operatively and when you return home will depend on the procedures you had done. Our staff can assist with arrangements with local hotels.

In the event that you require any medical attention after returning home we will refer you to a local physician for a check-up. Your health and safety remain our number one priority.

We look forward to meeting you and assist in transforming your smile!

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